Monday, October 3, 2016

Small Change

Yesterday, when I went out to take my morning walk, I crossed the street to toss my neighbors’ newspaper onto their porch. Rather than cross back over to my side of the street, I stayed on their side, walking up a street I usually walk down. It surprised me how that tiny change altered my perspective.
I spotted shrubs and flower beds, birdfeeders and planters, backyard decks that are out of sight coming from the opposite direction. There were nuances and shades and shadows I’d never noticed before.
If a small change can give me a new point of view in my morning walk, can small steps of change work for my attitude too?
With all the discord in the world around us, what is possible if instead of holding fast to our own position, we each take one small step towards the opinions we disagree with or look down on and try to see them from another direction?
Even if we still disagree, if each of us is willing to take that first small step, could we better hear and understand each other?